Question: Pita Jungle Where To Park?

Where is Pita Jungle located?

With locations in San Diego, Newport Beach and Pasadena, Pita Jungle is your go-to restaurant for healthy eating in Southern California.

Is Pita Jungle a chain?

Pita Jungle, a Scottsdale- based Mediterranean restaurant chain, may have opened its first Valley location 25 years ago, but the company isn’t finished with its expansion plans. It is the chain’s 21st restaurant.

What type of food is Pita Jungle?

Pita Jungle’s varied menu brings you traditional savory dishes such as Mediterranean Roasted Chicken Shawarma, Lentil Fatoosh, Wood-fired fresh fish, Falafel, Lamb gyros, wraps, salads & pita sandwiches, and thin-crusted Lavosh Pizzas.

Is Pita Jungle a franchise?

Hoping to mark out some territory of their own are the franchisee owners of Pita Jungle, a new, family-friendly Mediterranean eatery in Newport Beach. “It’s healthy food and exceedingly fresh,” said Eric Gruber, one of three partners who have opened the Pita Jungle location in a space formerly occupied by Blockbuster.

What does pita mean?

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What states have Pita Jungle?

Pita Jungle has expanded to 20 stores in Arizona and California.

What is Keto friendly at Pita Jungle?

The new dishes include: Moroccan Gazpacho; Bone Broth Ramen with Shirataki; Super Green Nordic Salmon Bowl with wood-fired Norwegian salmon; Mahi Burrito of the Sea; Shaved Korean Beef Cauliflower Tostada; and Avocado Cauliflower Tostada.

How many calories are in a Pita Jungle Pita?

The Pita Bread on the Pita Jungle menu with the lowest amount of calories are Wheat Pita (160 calories), White Pita ( 190 calories ). The Pita Bread on the Pita Jungle menu with the highest amount of calories are White Pita (190 calories), Wheat Pita (160 calories).

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