Quick Answer: Why Was Pita Kidnapped In Man On Fire?

Why was Pita kidnapped?

Answer: Her Father Hoping to save his failing business, Pita’s father, Samuel Ramos, arranged to have Pita kidnapped and then returned unharmed. When the corrupt police officers hijacked the drop off of the money, everything went wrong.

What is the true story behind Man on Fire?

Man on Fire is a true story that is based on the head of the anti-kidnapping squad in Mexico. The film stars the Cry Freedom actor, Denzel Hayes Washington Jr in the lead role.

What happened to Creasy’s hand in Man on Fire?

Peeta and her mother drive away while Creasy gets killed. Daniel, on the other hand also dies in the Man on Fire as the AFI agent Manzanno kills him in his own house, officially stating that he died during the course of the arrest.

Why did Creasy try to kill himself?

He had a lot of bad memories he was trying to live with. He considered this bodyguard assignment to be a blow off assignment. This and his bad memories combined with his drinking problem, made him severely depressed. This is why he considered killing himself.

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Does Pita Ramos died in Man on Fire?

Tony Scott cut the scene, because he felt that it did not fit in with the tone of the film. While in the film Pita survives the kidnapping and Creasy dies at the end, in the novel Pita is killed by the kidnappers and Creasy survives.

Is Man on Fire on Netflix or Hulu?

Watch Man on Fire on Netflix Today! NetflixMovies.com.

How did Creasy die?

Creasy and Lisa Ramos drive to the meeting spot and the exchange takes place, where he says goodbye to Pita. Inside the car, Creasy succumbs to his repeated gunshot wounds he received earlier, at peace with himself and die for his wounds.

Is La Hermandad real?

La Hermandad is a real organization of corrupt cops. Mexican kidnapping rings have four cells: the kidnappers, the guardians, the lawyers, and the boss.

Is there a man on fire 2?

Will There Be a Man on Fire 2 My sources have indicated that yes indeed there will be a second man on fire.


As a result of the botched exchange, Samuel kills Jordan, and then kills himself because of the guilt of the death of his daughter. After taking The Voice’s brother hostage, Creasy finds out that Pita is still alive, and makes another deal.

Who did the soundtrack for Man on Fire?

The wealthy automobile manufacturer, the Ramos family, hires Creasy to be the bodyguard for their daughter Lupita, who they call “Pita”. Creasy gets drunk one night, and particularly distraught, attempts to shoot himself with his Glock 34 to the music of Linda Ronstadt.

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What is the little girl’s name in Man on Fire?

Dakota Fanning was born on February 23, 1994, in Conyers, Georgia. She landed her first commercial at 5 years old and earned a Screen Actors Guild Award for her work with Sean Penn on I Am Sam.

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